Fire the president of Nikon USA

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Re: Wrong Reason

CaptainObvious wrote:

The reason to fire the president is because they are no longer providing parts to repair shops. So if you break a $5 battery door etc., you'll need to ship and INSURE your $3000 camera and wait weeks for it to return (hopefully not further damaged after the shipping apes beat the hell out of it).

Paying a local guy $10 to fix it over lunch sounds a lot better to me.

Oh, and someday your camera will no longer be under warranty. Then you'll pay shipping, insurance, and whatever ransom Nikon wants you to pay.

And why do assume now that it is required a local guy isn't going to become an authorized repair center? The main reason their are so few is because there was really no real need to go to the trouble the become authorized. Now that it is necessary to get parts the real professionals will do it and the rest aren't worth trusting your expensive gear to anyway.

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