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Re: People worry too much about lens sharpness

Thanks Derek for taking the time to go through the lenses, much appreciated. My husband has a really bad back from years of carrying too many cameras for too long and too far, and is now looking for a light system so he can continue to photograph without pain.

We are accustomed to L lenses and sell lots of pictures to Museums who want to take the pictures up to several metres across, they are 'picky' customers. It sounds as if we need to buy and try!

Thanks for your input Erik, I take your point about sharpness being secondary to the image. I always like to start with kit that can do "sharp", then any deviation is operator error, and I have only myself to blame. We both photograph people in their environments, neither of us work on tripods unless the situation demands it, if you know what you are doing with shutter speeds and the Autofocus is correctly adjusted you can get really crisp results handheld. Fixation can make the Canon L lenses sing and dance!

Thanks everyone.
Cherry Alexander.

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