I Have Two 16-35mm and No D800: What Should I Do?

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Re: I Have Two 16-35mm and No D800: What Should I Do?

I have my two 16-35mm lenses. I've tested them on my D5100 and, as predicted, there is little difference. I've packed the import--it's a Europe version-- and will send it back at an appropriate time (the vendor is closing for inventory or the holidays for a week).

It was rather frustrating testing it on the D5100 rather than on FF. It was pretty sharp corner-to-corner. However, distortion was obvious and severe at 16mm. By comparison, my 17-40mm L was just as sharp, but also had distortion and significant corner sharpness. I never noticed how much until this comparison.

However, the comparison was unfair because of camera differences: the 16MP D5100 versus the 21MP 5DMII.

Given the center sharpness I observed in my 17-40 shots, I suspect that the 16-35 may not be as much better than the 17-40 as everyone believes (or maybe my copy is a really good one). At some point--especially if my D800 doesn't come soon--I will mount the 16-35 onto my Canon and repeat the tests.

gatorowl wrote:


If you have a D5100, go test the lenses on it as best you can, and return the one you like least. My guess is you won't be able to tell the difference between them, and you can return the import.

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I hope you're right.


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