Sigma 70-200 OS 2.8 for sports

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Re: Sigma 70-200 OS 2.8 for sports

If you get a good copy of the Sigma, I think it will work very well for you. I had one for about a week myself. Unfortunately, the copy I got consistently backfocused on my D90 so I ended up returning it (I got the Nikon VRII instead). However, I can tell you that the AF was fast and, after I manually compensated for the back-focusing, the image was quite sharp wide open while the bokeh was good (however, if there are lots of contrasting background elements you will get a pretty nervous bokeh). The OS is also very good (almost VRII good IMO) but that won't do you any good for sports unless you're panning!

I personally think Sigma has stepped up their game recently with their quality and, where their QC falls short, their support does a good job fixing the issue. I would highly recommend giving the Sigma a try. If you do buy it online though, I recommend getting it from B&H as their return policy and support are superb to work with if you do happen to get a dud (yes, I'm speaking from experience)!

(BTW, I do have a Sigma 85 and 17-50 OS and they both perform very well on my D90.)

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