Did some comparison between 55-250 I vs II and my other lens

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Re: 250mm samples

Timbukto wrote:

BTW again I still don't know why people end up selling this lens to get a non-stabilized L (unless they are tripod shooters)...I find it very impressive to be able to shoot 250mm at 1/5 shutter speeds consistently sharp!

I have both the 55-250 (not the ver. II) and the 70-200mm 4.0L IS

I bought the 55-250 recently to have a small and light tele lens for travelling.

I bought it in a store where I could test (limited) three copies before buying. One copy was significantly softer than the other copies, and I think there is no doubt, you are right saying copy variations is a big issue.

After using the new lens for some time I was very satisfied with the photos it could produce, I thought, that there was little difference to the results from my L lens.

Then I made a little test comparing the sharpness from the two lenses. I photographed newspaper pieces on a wall. I used a stable tripod live view focusing and 10 sec. timer.

I tested at 55mm, 70mm, 100mm, 200mm and 250mm (55mm and 250mm of course only the 55-250)

The 55-250 lens showed very, very good sharpness at f.l. 55, 70 and 100mm both in centre and corners. It looked a tiny bit sharper than my 70-200mm L at compareable f.l.

I thought, I might have a bad copy of the L lens, but then I looked at the reviews at Photozone.de.

Sadly they did not test the 55-250 at 70mm and 100mm, and they did not test the L lens for corner sharpness only centre- and border sharpness. The test results for sharpness measured at the shortest f.l. of both lenses respectively 55mm and 70mm showed that the 55-250 lens was sharper than the 70-200mm f.4.0 L IS at all apertures from wide open to f. 11.0 - both in centre and borders. The 55-250 was even sharper in the corners than the L lens was in the borders.

At longer f.l. the L lens is sharper, but if I compare the results from my copies of the lenses the difference is not big.

The 55-250mm EF-S lens is certainly fantastic!

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