Forget OM-D, the Fuji X Pro 1 has noise problems too!

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Re: That's the live view aperture dance.

All live view cameras do it... some lenses are louder than others.

The lumix 20mm f1.7 was the first I noticed. I've forgotten about it now, and focus on taking the pictures.

Yes it does happen with certain combinations. The 25mm f/1.4 Panasonic lens on Olympus cameras was particulaly bad, and yet virtually silent on the G3. The X-PRO 1 noise was particularly bad though and was driving me nuts, though I found a way round it, as I mentioned on the blog piece.

The problem is where you are using these things. The X-Pro 1 with its low light light capabilities is ideal say for church weddings, but the noise the lens generates would certainly attract attention.

The OM-D is certainly a camera that could be now with its better high ISO jpg performance be considered for that purpose and it would be interesting to see whether that has the same issues with the 25mm lens as previous Olympus cameras.

Your point about concentration is important, because thats exactly what these noises prevent me doing, concentrating, plus both the 25mm and the X-Pro 1 lens noises are substantially louder and more irritating than the 20mm f/1.7 ever was. Plus it may not bother you as a photographer but people who aren't used to it will certainly notice. My 25mm / E-P3 combination certainly earned me a few looks from passers-by (not to mention a few interested sparrows!!)

Somewhat off-topic, but regarding the X Pro 1 - I was surprised to see mentioned in a (printed) review's spec summary, so I downloaded the Fuji manual to check - that despite having a similar impressive hybrid viewfinder to the X100, the X Pro 1 does not have any built-in dioptric eyesight correction for the viewfinder.

Thats true. I spent some time looking for the dioptre adjustment and then understood why I couldn't find it!!

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