My favorite OM-D feature so far: the tone curve button.

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My favorite OM-D feature so far: the tone curve button.

The OM-D as two function buttons.

The second one has two labels. First of all it is labeled Fn2 on the body beside the button (as opposed to the first one which is labeled Fn1 on the button itself). It also has a picture of a tone curve drawn on the button.

Fn2 is a tone curve button by default, but you can change it's function if you choose.

Basically, if you hit the tone curve button, a tone curve graph like you'd find in most photo processing software pops up on your display. You then use the two dials to adjust the shadow and highlight levels.

It's like processing a RAW photo in real time. You can see how the finished image will look on the spot and also how it looks with other camera settings (art filters etc.)

I first gave it a try at dusk while standing in front of my house. The first image in this is the camera shooting in auto, exposing for the sky. The second image is my attempt at using the tone curve adjustment to try to bring out the shadows while maintaining a similarly exposed sky. The camera was on program mode, so the exposure settings are what they are.

Today I had to go to the Japanese immigration office out by the Osaka Nanko Port area (getting dangerously close to being an illegal ), afterwards I took a walk to the port, passing by the Osaka World Trade Center (3rd image), and stopping in at the Asian Trade Center. I had my camera with me so I took a few shots. My whole purpose was to practice using the tone curves in camera.

All the shots have some tone curve adjustments. Some of the photos shot inside the ATC (the 4th to 7th images) are also with the Pop Art filter turned on.

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