A question for Louis_Dobson re: G3 sensor in OM-D

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Re: G3 2-lens kit

Louis_Dobson wrote:

No offence taken. I don't need huge quantities of DR, the GH2 is fine. I'm just drumming my fingers waiting for a fast shooting dSLR replacement that matches the GH2 for DR. Hopefully the OM-D is it.

I had a D3 for four years. It was good, but heavy. I had a G1 to play with, but it didn't have enough DR. When the GH2 was able to offer adequate levels of DR, I sold the D3. MFT is fine. Panny's low end sensors, for me, are not.

Right so we've established that the 'low end sensors' do not meet your requirements. Can we now stop this endless discussion about pushing and pulling which is going absolutely nowhere and only seems to be a problem for one person? Any passerby would think this forum has a problem with opening doors.

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