Prom Shoot with 100 F2.8L + Sigma 30F1.4

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Re: Prom Shoot with 100 F2.8L + Sigma 30F1.4

mjoshi wrote:

Using primes get some learning to make your feet do work of you zoom and composing thing accordingly. 100mm is little too long indoor for portraits unless you want to do frame fillers, 30mm used to be my go to lens on 60D, which is equivalent to 48mm on full frame. You should also look at Canon 28mm prime it is good indoor lens. I've got 100mm only for one week so I'm still in learning mode with it but so far what I see in terms of result I love it. It is tad slower in terms of focusing compared to 85mm that I traded in but I think I'll be able to live with it.

I like using the 50mm and im quite used to zooming with my legs and thinking hard about the composition, as the 50mm is the only lens i basically use for normal shooting if i dont need to go super wide. I've never had any other lenses than these two and although 50mm is tight inside i've managed to survive with it!

As you said 30mm used to be your go-to lens, which one is it now if you dont mind me asking? And do you use zoom lenses at all?

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