D800 as a vacation cam?

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Re: Vacation camera

Really depends what "vacation" is.

Going to Disney or to lie on a beach? Don't need a d800

If you're going to be climbing a mountain, rainforest, going on safari etc.. then a d800 is a great idea

Here's my travel blog:

For Peru, I used Sony a850 (25mp), Carl Zeiss 16-35/2.8 and 85/1.4. That's not a lightweight combination, but the results are excellent. On that trip, I got rained on (not drizzle.. proper rainforest torrential downpour), sand, mud, extreme cold, humidity etc. For that you NEED a good camera.

For Dubai, Sony a580, Sigma 10-20 and 35/1.8. Again, very sandy, dusty, 45C (110 farenheit).

Paris, a850 with 35/1.4G. Much lighter setup.

Berlin was a holiday with friends, so I shot it on my phone

Next trip is to Budapest in 3 weeks - I'll be using Fuji X100 for that

So you see it really depends on what holiday it is, and what type of photos I want to take. City break - take something light. Proper 4 week long holiday of a lifetime - take the best dSLR you can.

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