Workflow, for those who asked.

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Workflow, for those who asked.

Here's the OOC jpg:

Step 1, whack up saturation and adjust curves for sky. Export as a photoshop file.
This will be the sky.

Step 2, reset sliders, and bring up light levels so the sea is reasonably bright. Export.
This will be the sea.
Step 3, Bring up the sea more, and increase saturation. Export.
This will be the sea around the boat.
Step 4, reset and bring up boat. Export.
This will be the boat.
Step 5, darken a copy to recover highlights as much as possible. Export.

Step 6, put sky over dark picture as a layer, enter quick mask, brush over blown highlights, leave quick mask, reverse selection, delete. This will recover the sky as far as possible. Combine the layers.

Step 7, put sea on top as a layer, enter quick mask, apply gradient around about horizon, leave quick mask, delete. This gives a dramatic sky with a lighter sea.

Step 8, put the saturated sea on top, mask around boat, delete rest. This gives us the correct reflection for the saturated sky.

Step 9, put the boat on top, and mask it. Delete rest. This gives us a light boat.
Step 10, flatten image and duplicate.
Step 11, apply general NR.

Step 12, duplicate base image again, apply heavy NR, mask, keep this layer where there is no detail and / or excessive noise.

Note - this would be my generic method. This actual shot was done a few months ago, and I no longer remember what I actually did. But it will be roughly that.

There will be some who prefer the original. Fine. But this is what I choose to do, and to do it I need reasonable DR. Nothing daft, just reasonable. This shot would have worked better and taken less time with the GH2 or the D3.

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