5D III-Starter: 17-40 - 50 1,8 - 85 1,8

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Re: 5D III-Starter: 17-40 - 50 1,8 - 85 1,8

Given your photos (nice by the way) I'd get the 17-40, I've got it & its a great lens. If money is no object the 16-35 is better, but twice the price better? No chance.

Any issues with the 17-40 can be fixed by stopping it down a bit or in lightroom. People whine about its sharpness at f4, but who is shooting landscape at F4? Similarly people talk about other issues with it that can be fixed in about 30 seconds in Lightroom. I think people often just like to bleat. Either that or they are shooting JPEG & printing off the card.

Its like complaining your convertable lets rain in when you drive it with the roof down in the rain.

I'd just about say its the best value L canon make (tho' the 70-200 F4 runs it close)

The 24-105 is a great all round lens & at a discount its an easy decision.

I also have the cheap & plastic 50. It gets bolted on anytime I need speed & don't care if I break my lens. There are times you think "do I really want $1000 bolted on the front of my camera?" And thats when I bolt on $70 instead. Its a good small venue concert lens for example.

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