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Re: 60Da

I think it will be as usable as a standard 60D for daylight photography.

The change centers around the Infra Red filter that covers the sensor, the standard one's start to cut in around 550nm wavelength of light & gently roll in to around 700nm where they block 100% IR light.

This early start & gentle roll in of the IR block / visible light transmit curve means that by around 650nm wavelength you only get about 25% transmission.

Around 650nm is crucial for astrophotography as Hydrogen alpha light is 656.3nm wavelength & many nebulae emit hydrogen alpha light.

So by changing the standard gentle roll in filter for a later starting but more 'cliff edge' IR filter that starts cutting in after the all important 656.3nm & ends at the same 700nm, you get a camera which transmits nigh on 100% of Ha light but blocks all after it, so negligable impact on daylight photography, but a great improvement for astro photography.

You can modify standard cameras too, & there are companies that do this for £150-£200 for you if you are not comfy opening up your camera yourself.

I have a modded 40D which has the standard filter removed & a more agressive 'cliff edge' one installed that permits the transmission of Ha light relatively unimpeded - here is a photo I took with it - the 'red' is Ha light.

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