X100 continually under exposes

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Re: Not quite...

Maybe the user in question should simply downgrade to 1.13 and see if the problem remains?
Seems like a pretty easy way of ruling out an issue with 1.20 to me.

echelon2004 wrote:

Chris Dodkin wrote:

read the thread - already solved!

The OPs problem is solved.

The poster you answered suffers from a problem where the camera seems to underexpose or overexpose quite severely with no input from the user. The poster have stated that it, almost certainly, must be caused by a bug in the 1.20 firmware.

If not it could possibly be caused by some strange variation of sticking aperture blades, resulting in the aperture either not closing enough Or too much, at the same constant aperture setting.

Those are the two suggested causes. I have expressed a certain amount of doubt as too the validity of the theories ...

This problem remains to be solved if you care to try

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