D4 focus faster than D800

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Re: D4 focus faster than D800

cs hauser wrote:

Octane wrote:

People still think in super simple terms like the battery is directly connected to motors in a camera and upping the voltage makes things go faster. That was back in the 80s when film cameras had motor drives. That's not how a modern camera works any more.

Chuck Westfall,

Chuck Westfall ? Are you seriously quoting him?

technical adviser for Canon USA, explained some differences between the AF speed of a 5D Mark III and a 1DX. He said, " the EOS-1D X achieves a higher lens motor drive speed with select L-series USM telephoto lenses than the 5D Mark III because of the 1D X’s more powerful battery pack. "


If it's true for the 5D3, then it's most likely true for the D800 as well.

Octane wrote:

The reason why the D800 does not have the same AF performance as the D4 is by design. Nikon has always does it that way.

That is certainly another possible factor. But those two factors are not mutually exclusive.

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