Recommendations on affordable lenses for D800

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Re: Recommendations on affordable lenses for D800

sfnikon wrote:

I also have the nikon 20/2.8 and I think it will perform well on the D800 @f/5.6. I find it very sharp on my D3 wide open in the center and comparable to my 14-24 but the D800 is a different beast and I think you'll have to stop down.

The 20 2.8 comparable to the 14-24? Every test I've ever seen of the 14-24 (see Photozone) has it producing excellent resolution numbers straight from max aperture.

As far as corner sharpness of lenses being significantly different (worse) on the D800, I wish someone who explain the theory of this idea. Is it pixel pitch? I can't see their being a huge difference between lenses on FF bodies since if the lens is good in the corners on the D3, why would it perform worse on the D800 which has the same sensor size? For example, someone the other day made the claim (of course a guess) that the 24-70 2.8 would not be a good lens on the D800. Are some carrying this idea of corners on the D800 too far and making predictions without testing?

With the 50/1.8G and 85/1.8D to get the full resolution from the sensor you will be sitting at f/5.6 or at least f/4.

The 50 1.8G, and 85 1.8D, 85 1.8G all reach high resolution figures at f2.8, and peak sharpness by f4-5.6. That said, I don't know anyone who want to use a fast 50 or a short portrait lens at 5.6. Sort of defeats the purpose of having a fast lens. Bokeh fanatics rarely would use such a lens at f5.6, even if using it closer to wide open give slightly less acutance.

Florent, you mentioned the 85 1.8D a fine lens. You might consider the 85 1.8G which is shaping up to be an all around excellent performer and is only very slightly more expensive than the 85 1.8 AF-D.

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