Lightroom lens profiles for m4/3

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Re: Lightroom lens profiles for m4/3

Gregm61 wrote:

Lightroom applies all the corrections for the lens when you open the raw file in the developer, Adobe Camera RAW. There are no profiles because it is done automatically, especially with Panasonic bodies that also correct chromatic aberrations. When used with Olympus bodies, you do have to click that extra box in the developer of Lightroom 4 to remove CA.

The lens profiles that LR uses are what allows it to automatically correct the lenses in the list. Are you saying that LR knows about the m4/3 lenses and what to do to correct them, but forgot to put them in the list on their website?

What else would you want to correct if the lens correction is already happening in the background as the file is opened?

LR will automatically do lens correction for lenses it has profiles for. I mentioned that there is a list of those lenses on the Adobe website. There are additional user created ones you can download. Again, are you saying that LR does have profiles for the m4/3 lenses, but they forgot to add them to the list on their website?

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