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Clayton1985 wrote:

perhort wrote:

Are you suggesting that the DxO Mark DR measurements are misleading? The DxO Mark scores show that the D4 has better dynamic range than the D800 from iso 800 and onwards, and the D3s from iso 3200 and onwards.

I don't think he's saying that at all. If I'm following this correctly, DxO actually reinforces Luke's point. DxO shows the D800 with a considerable DR advantage at ISO 100 so the "nearly a stop" of DR lost by the D800 still has the D800 almost even at ISO 800. From there the D4 takes a small lead that is maintained (but not increased) the rest of the way. After ISO 800 they both lose approximately a stop per ISO boost.

Reading Thom's comments you would think that the D800 declines rapidly from start to finish and the D4 widens the gap all the way to the end which is not what I see happening. For my purposes I will take a 1.3 stop advantage at ISO 100 combined with a roughly .5 stop disadvantage at ISO 800 and above.

Yes, but Luke is also saying, and I quote:

The D700 doesn't have any advantage in low light over the D800. Quite the opposite in fact. The low light advantage goes to the D3s/D4, but only at ISO12800 and above. And the only reason for this is not the resolution or response of the D800 sensor, but due to the intrusion of thermal noise in the D800 files over ISO6400. Up to any including ISO6400 however, I would pick the D800 for low light quality -- all other considerations of practical workflow and handling aside.

To me, Luke does not to seem to agree that the D4 is a better low-light performer from iso 800 and onwards.

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