I've got my D800 in the UK Yippee

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Re: I've got my D800 in the UK Yippee

jjnik wrote:

adamlambert wrote:

I was out with my D300 yesterday taking some low flying jet pictures (I'll post some later) and while I was relatively happy with the results it did make me think that 3x the resolution would have been awesome.

As good as the D800 may be in FF, it would only give you 3 more MP on the same field of view (15 MP D800 DX crop vs 12MP D300) that you are currently shooting with your D300! A longer lens would provide better results and be a better investment in this case (or wait for a higher MP D400 DX that is likely coming by summer)

I hadn't thought of it that way. I was shooting with a 70-200 which effectively becomes a 105-300 on the D300. With the D800 I would have added the 2.0x teleconverter to get closer. As it was shooting the D300 with the 2x was too close and made it difficult to keep the subject in the frame at anything above about 400mm equivalent.

Whatever the equivalent resolutions, I just want my new camera to play with... The D300 did ok, the D800 will doubtless be much better.

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