5D3 vs D800 - A Technical Analysis (UPDATED & EXTENDED) - With Samples

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Re: 5D3 vs D800 - A Technical Analysis (UPDATED & EXTENDED) - With Samples

Legion5 wrote:

Important note on test methodology:

The way this test was done was to render both raw files @ 36MP and then adjust the noise sliders so there is 3% noise. Sharpening is equal, and is set to low, with more sharpening the difference becomes more exagerated. 3% noise @ 36MP and it's equivalents is a common standard for what is "acceptable noise" at screen resolution. PCMagazine and Consumer Reports among others use this standard and I find it widely agreeable. The results are very very similar when targeting both 1% noise (very low noise) and 7% noise (grainy).

I'm a little late to the party here and really don't care "who wins" but, why would you add noise to either to compare? Being a photographer, I never pay any attention to consumer reports or worse, PC magazine when it comes to high end camera gear.


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