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Re: ND filters vs HSS

DuaneV wrote:

I complained about this in another topic recently. Its an absolute joke that in manual mode we cannot set every single setting as we want them and use the flash. J.. O.. K.. E.., joke! I have a Fuji s100fs "bridge" cam that I can do this with so why is it that a more "complex" DSLR cannot? It makes absolutely no sense to me at all, but maybe Im just not smart enough to understand, because I think they do it to limit our cameras so we'll want bigger and better (which equals more money). My s100 also has an articulated screen and I wouldnt trade it for the world. All of my macro photography (80% of my total photography) I need fast shutters, flash and articulated screen. If a bridge cam can do this, so can a DSLR without costing $2K.

Duane, are you finished whining now? If the answer is "yes", listen up: it's up to the consumer to determine prior to purchase, what features are present on an item. Never take anything for granted. For something as complex as a camera, it behooves consumers to first download and study the User Guide. Don't just assume for x amount of dollars, it will have as many or more features than other brands/models that are cheaper. Doing your homework will prevent much disappointment.

Dee fifty one hundred

Honest debates welcome.

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