Sony HX200v vs Nikon P510

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Re: Bird identification experience with HX100V

I just ordered the Nikon P510.

I was generally happy with the HX100V, but the GPS function was poorly designed and practically unusable for me.

Sony turns the GPS off every time the camera is powered down, which means that it has to lock every time you turn it on. The lock in time is usually at least 30 seconds, usually a minute or more. Which means, that when traveling, most of my shots never got tagged with coordinates, because I had taken the shot and powered down the camera before it even locked on the GPS signal.

On the Nikon, the GPS can be left on when the camera is off, so that it will have coordinates ready as soon as the camera is turned on.

On another note, some images from the Sony were great, but some were clearly over-processed. I am hoping that the P510 does better in this respect, as it seems from the shots I've seen so far.

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