Ipad 3 less bright/contrast

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Re: Ipad 3 less bright/contrast

All Apple have done is to allow us users to crank the brightness lower on an iPad 3 than we could on an iPad 2. On an iPad 2 Apple could dim the screen further than we can. This was always an annoyance to iOS devs who couldn't replicate the native iBooks behaviour.

Here's the details:

iPad 2 owners: Set your screen to minimum brightness, then open iBooks. Within the app you can see the brightness slider is not at 0% and you can now dim the screen even further. This is using an Apple "Private API" that directly affects the screen, it's not just darkening the colours (Proven by bringing up the multitasking bar which is also dimmer). When you leave iBooks the screen brightens again.

iPad 3: Do the same, but now in iBooks the brightness slider is at it's minimum, iBooks no longer has to use the "Apple only" setting to get to the real minimum brightness.

The good news is we can all use our screens at the minimum brightness. Good news for night time use.

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