D800 grip ! Yuk ...

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Re: D800 grip ! Yuk ...

I have not handled the 5D3, but I own a 5D2. My first reaction upon picking up the D800 was similar to yours...that the D800 grip was too small (particularly at the bottom where the smaller fingers rest). I have quite large hands.

However, after a day of getting used to it, I am now FAR more comfortable with the D800 than I ever was with the 5D2. All the controls (the mode button excepted), are exactly where I want them and my finger falls naturally on the shutter. In contrast, when using the Canon none of my fingers fall anywhere near the buttons (shutter in particular) and my hand is all scrunched up. I am even finding that the "narrow" portion of the D800 lower grip has become very comfortable, as it gives me good purchase with my fingertips. In short, the D800 has definitely been an acquired taste for me, but once acquired, very welcome.

Obviously my comments only relate to the 5D2 not the 5D3, but from pics the button placement etc on the 5D2 and 5D3 look similar.

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