Am I missing something with DSLR video ?

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Re: Am I missing something with DSLR video ?

This is just my opinion, but I think the biggest appeal is a '2 in 1 system'. I brought my DSLR to take good quality photo's. After a while I realized that it had a good potential to shoot quality video footage too. I accept that the video footage from my DSLR may not be as good as the footage from a video camera. To me it's more about being able to take good photo's and video without needing 2 separate devices.

And the reverse can not be done as far as I am aware since I'm pretty sure there isn't a video camera under £2k that can take photo's at the same quality as a DSLR (not to mention they don't have the same functions available that make taking photo's with a DSLR very easy).

That's all there is to it with me and probably for some other people as well.

The only other thing to be said is it all depends on your audience. I make no money from my video's so I don't have to impress anyone with a great technical knowledge or large demands. Most friends and family who see my video's think that the footage is 'really good' because to them it's just HD, clear and that's all they really see. A person should not worry too much about obtaining the very best quality if there is no call for it.

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