D800 as a vacation cam?

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Re: D800 as a vacation cam?

I will use it as a vacation camera and I am simply a hobbyist. I shoot more failures than keepers. And, I love it. I enjoy reading about photography, studying it, and trying new techniques. My wife does not mind that I 'need to switch lenses for this shot' and I in turn, when she has had enough, don't mind 'missing the shot.' I don't mind bringing a 'big' camera with me in the Kata bag that includes enough room for my laptop, my D7000 (now the D800), and a few lens. I am 55 years old and I don't find cameras heavy. However, when we ride the coast of noCal on my motorcycle I have a special bag that allows for a tripod (and lunch and a few beach towels.) When something strikes my fancy we stop and I yank out the equipment and shoot. To me the process is of becoming a better photographer is fun.For me, this is a wonderful way to get away from work and have fun.

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