Have you moved from DSLR to Micro 4/3?

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Re: Have you moved from DSLR to Micro 4/3?

I disagree slightly. I came from Canon (20, 40, 60d) to E-P1 and GH2, almost exclusively for portability reasons. I kept one Canon (the 40d), though I never used it again myself, my wife did. I love most everything about MFT, except high ISO's; they are noisy, at least the two that I have, above ISO 400. I'm not keen on taking pictures in bright sunlight with the VF lacking E-P1 either.

That said, I have been using mostly Fujis (X100 and X10) for the last year; no problem with high ISO's there and I have pre-ordered the OM-D EM-5 (hope I got that right!), as it seems ideally suited to high ISO's and taking pictures from my horse's back in any kind of weather.

While I have a flash for the EP-1 and one is onboard the GH2, I prefer to rely on available light as much as I can, and I have been more than happy with the Fujis, as they are clean all the way to ISO 3200. I hope to do even better with the EM-5.

This is a fabulous era for amateur photography. We are now dependent on ISO's that no one ever dreamed of in the good old film days, the equipment is cheaper, more versatile and, in my view, better than before. The only problem is the speed at which the improvements are coming, which make this hobby just about as expensive as it used to be when we had to buy film...

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