Do you use your micro four thirds camera for concerts?

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Re: Do you use your micro four thirds camera for concerts?

A loooong time ago I used to be keen on concert photography, but this was before it was regulated and there were only a few of us doing it.

The most useful (35mm) lenses were typically something like 80-200mm, 300mm, 50mm and occasionally maybe 28mm, and this is from right in front of the stage, so 24-70 and 70-200 would cover just about everything. If you're further back longer lenses will be needed if you're trying to isolate any detail, as opposed to getting the whole stage in the frame.

The big problem is that since then every man and his dog tries to take photos and they all use flash, which disturbs the performers and audience and gets photography banned.

Assuming one cannot get away with an SLR (or simiilar) then I suspect something like an XZ-1 or X10 would work pretty well, being reasonably smalll, with a fast lens and a viewfinder (optional with the XZ1). Or an S100 if being discrete is essential.

The other major hassle with photographing concerts is that it's easy to forget about the music and the performance, which is presumably why one is there in the first place.

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