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Re: sRGB vs actual output devices

I'm using "dispcalGUI", which is a GUI tool that can drive ArgyllCMS, and is much easier to use. It has instructions that I can readily comprehend on how to do things, though not so much on why , prompting the questions here.

Procedurally, it takes a few measurements on my monitor, causing a bit of gross flicker, then brings up an interactive step-by-step panel, though I also need a browser window open to the documentation telling me how to use the panel options. First I use the brightness control on the monitor to bring it to the desired level, as measured by a widget on the interactive panel. Then they have R, G, and B widgets, and I use corresponding controls on the monitor to set the white color balance. They also have panels and widgets for adjusting black point and black color balance, but the instructions advise against doing anything for flat panels.

Finally you kick off the profiling/calibration stage, and it goes off and runs by itself for some amount of time, letting you know when it's done. It really is pretty simple to use, once you have half an idea of what the goals are. Of course it is a little annoying using widgets on a GUI panel and keeping a browser window open for directions, while a colorimeter hangs over the center of the screen, along with a big color square driving it.

Thank you for the information and advice. One of these nights I'll reset the panel to factory defaults, erase my previous configuration attempts, and restart using "gamma 2.2".

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