D4 upgrade from D3?

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Re: D4 upgrade from my D2Xs?

Good morning Richard

Just read your thread & was very interested in what you had to say

I am using a D2Xs & wish to upgrade.

I am looking at both the D4 & the D800.

I shoot landscapes, people, particularly kids doing everything on the water and on land, sports, and some buildings.

You said, "Can't process any images to the quality I'd like yet...my RAW software is not upgraded yet, hence no images"

What do you mean by that statement? Why are you having difficulty?

I have just purchased an Epson 4900 & my goal is to learn how to use it so I can print my pictures.

I am not a pro, just want to learn how to print so I can frame a few & hang in my house, my kids, etc.

Just got back from a few days in Death Valley, where I shot around 1,750 pictures & can not wait to print a few.

Have you tried the D800?

Why did you choose the D4?


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