NEX-5N 21mm lens advice needed

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Re: NEX-5N 21mm lens advice needed

Hi ekeroil, thanks for posting and nice shots. Referring to the color landscape test pictures, those are straight out of camera without any post processing? They look mighty fine!

Hi mu55, thanks for sharing. I have the LTM version of the CV15 and was using the Metabones adapter. I just ordered the Hawk's ver 2.5 helicoid adapter that will help with close focusing BTW, not sure if I should spring for the 12mm also?

Another advice or opinion needed: I am currently using an OM 24f2.8 and one of the reason for considering the 21mm is to have a wider "normal" lens to use. The OM24f2.8 is great (althought a big long with the OM-NEX adapter, unlike the CV) but the equivalent full frame focal length is 36mm - felt a little bit narrow. I was thinking of getting the 21mm lens that will end up wider at equivalent FF focal length of 31.5mm.

Is this (getting the 21 when I already have a 24) a good or worthwhile thing to do? Worthwhile to spend money to have equivalent FL of 31.5 when I have the 36?

Thanks for any opinion.

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