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Re: Simple More MP = More Detail = Better ISO

chironNYC wrote:

Your post is pure trolling and not worth reading. Go home to your own forum.

Vino Vino 06 writes :

If you don't like my post then move on don't read it and definitely do not reply.

One can post anywhere they choose to post.

If Canon had stepped up to the plate and produced a superior camera to Nikon's D800 we would not be having this discussion.

But guess what Canon failed and Nikon is the clear winner with the D800

FYI I am a long time Canon user , who had owned the orginal 5D and currently owns the 5D Mark II and the 7D. Some time ago I owned the 20D which for its time was a great camera , when it came time to upgrade I waited and passed on the 30D , 40D,

50D and finally purchased the 7D because it was inovative , had a new design , had higher MP , and also had a new auto focus system. As a result the 7D was the camera that made the most sense for me to upgrade my crop camera. At the time it provided more features and upgrades for the money.

I am not seeing that in the 5D Mark III , other than a new autofocus system and supposedly improved ISO performance I do not feel the need to upgrade at this time.

I am defintly not impressed with its 22 MP resolution and absolutely not impressed with its price. Trust me the 5D Mark IV will be the next 7D of the full frame market.

The 5D Mark IV will be the camera that will sell , for sure it will have a new and improved sensor with more MP , improved resolution and improved IQ.

For those of you that have never used or held a full frame camera , you will have to make a decision between the D800 and the 5D Mark III.

But lets face the facts :

The Nikon D800 provides more MP , a new sensor , better resolution and better IQ
all in a well made body at a lower price.

Nikon is clearly the winner here over the 5D Mark III , if I were buying a full frame camera for the first time I would clearly pick the D800 over the 5D Mark III.

I also do not beleive that the 5D Mark III has a new sensor at all , its the old sensor that has been tweeked up to 22 MP to keep costs down.

Competition is a good thing , it benefits all of us.

We all need to step back and give credit when credit is due for a great product at a great price regardless of brand.

Nikon has clearly out done Canon with its D800 if I didn't own Canon glass the Nikon D800 would be my next camera of choice.

Vino Vino 06

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