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Re: Form factor

bewing77 wrote:

The efvs aren't good enough and image quality have a long way to go. And yes, DSLRs are bulky but no evil camera comes close to the shooting ergonomics of a pro body. I usually carry on D700 with a 70-200 and one with the 16-35 for full day events and weddings and while yes, a bit lighter would be nice, it's not like 5 kgs or so is a back breaking ammount of weight for a normally fit man to carry. To me, as long as a camera isn't pocketable and I have to carry it by a shoulder strap it really doesn't matter much if it's a smaller or larger thing hanging there.

UnChatNoir wrote:

I'm not so sure the IQ is worse. Particulary not for the X-Pro1, the IQ seems to be amazing (even better than M9 though some will have it difficult to admit and at least very close to FF DSLR's). The improvement for Fuji and others has to be much more focussed on ergonomics and AF, and the development of a more credible set of glass.

I'm not a wedding photographer, but have done similar things in the past. Since everything is about action and not missing anything, I can understand the worry to use an EVIL concept. As a professional, you also have 'to be there', I understand the credibility matter as well.

But on the other hand, excuse me for the statement, but middle format resolution is not required. What is key are excellent, distortion free lenses (primes, but I know a lot of wedding-photographers wouldn't like them) and top notch color rendition. Again, we're not far from what even a X-Pro1 should be able to deliver?

I'm not trying to sell the X-Pro1 in any way, but just want to say: think ahead of another 2 or 3 years. We might be very well at an important crossroad, a bit the same where the double-lens Rolleiflex (and look-alikes) disappeared in the favor of range-finders and SLR's. The tendency in all technology matters was always to go smaller and cheaper, not bigger and more expensive.

Precisely those two 'benchmarks' are what I don't like in Nikon's (and also Canon's) present approach.

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