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Re: Waterproof cover

Ulfric M Douglas wrote:

wolfie wrote:

... inside a plastic Dicapac cover ...

Hey Wolfie, can you show a couple more photos of you getting the camera & lens into the waterproof pack? Like a sequence, please.

Hi Ulfric,

The first thing to note is that the cover I use ( a WP610) is not the recommended model for the E-P3. With the correct case all you do is slide the camera in and secure the closure.

To get a smaller, tighter fitting case I experimented in my local shop and found the WP610 ( designed for the canon G12 or LX 5) works in following way:
1. remove the camera lens
2. slide the camera body into the case.
3. remove the lens tube from the cover

4. insert the lens through the tube onto the camera, with finger tips and lock onto the camera body. If it is the kit zoom, then make sure you unlock the lens from storage position and extend to the focal length you want before putting onto the body.
6. Attach lens tube as usual and secure the closure.

To detach the lens, you disassemble the lens tube, then press down on the lens release button through the plastic cover( which is flexible, so not a problem) - then twist to release and pull up out of the tube.

The scary bit is having the body "open" during the process, but I have never had any dust issues.

Hope that helps!

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