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Dear grahamdyke,

it is very true that the procedure with these charts can lead you to incorrect observations, if they are not very carefully done. At least this is my experience. A few misfocused shoots can ruin a set of correctly focused ones and drive you crazy. So, before I started another series of hundrents of test shoots of medium trust, I denied myself from photography for a couple of weeks until I controlled the parameters of the procedure. I now feel that a have a very nice test target and a good work flow.

However, I am not sure how the small missalignement of the AF sensor relative to the red mark in the OVF can ruin the results. If the target of the chart is clearly within the parenthesis in the viewfinder and there is no other conrtasty element nearby, I believe that the focus will be made on the targeted spot. That was the most challenging part of the project. To create a trusty chart that my worK flow would not allow for misfocusing. Till then, these mistakes were actually a user mistake (my mistake) than the camera's mistake. The fact that mentioned, the misalignement of the red dot relative to the actual size and place of the AF sensor in the VF, is of great importance, but this has to be controlled by the procedure we follow.

I will hapilly share it with you once I have it included and tested/verified the last modifications I have in mind. But this means I must get my lenses back from service and re do the test with the changes.

Kind Regards,

In all my three cameras the central AF sensor is were you have described, a little to the right and a little closer to the top. I have not tested the remaining 10 dots... but I now realise that most of the posts I have seen in forums describe the central AF sensor like this, up and right and with size a little longer and taller than the parenthesis. If this is correct and constantly the same, I wonder why this is not calibrated. Maybe, the relative place of the other sensors play a roll too, But it would be nice to have at least this sensor along with the red dot and the parenthesis perfectly alligned

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