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Re: I guess I'm in the Nikon Forum?

This thread provides an invaluable link to these comparison resources !!

Spencer wrote:

There are a myriad of websites, reviews and tons of information available not to have to duke out which camera is better in a Canon specific forum.

nitts999 wrote:
Devoted? Are you serious? Uh...then go read press releases.

Wow. Yes, I'm sure it's satisfying to come here and read only threads congratulating each other on what a great purchase they made. If you need that type of affirmation you might want to see a shrink.

People come here to find info on the best camera for their needs. Comparing the strengths/weaknesses of the top two cameras just makes sense.

If you like a singular, unchanging opinion go to North Korea, they have no discourse there and the lack of any dissenting opinions might suit you.

I came here to get information on how the new 5D stacks up before I drop $8K on body & lenses.

So information about how it exceeds or fails next to it's competition is highly welcome.

Now a question about how to change the menu on the D800 belongs in that forum, but as it relates to Canon products? Yeah, very appropriate.

I can't understand how a person puts a company (Canon) above their own needs?

Yea Canon! Yea...Walmart! Yea....Charmin toilet paper! Yea....Chrevron gas!

Their shareholders appreciate your undying devotion and loyalty, but honestly, they don't really care about you as much as you care about them.

Spencer wrote:

I was hoping to read a forum devoted to Canon products....

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