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Re: ~ G1X dpreview in depth review just posted ~

I agree with you. Which is why I thought it deserved a Gold. There has never been anything like the G1X - truly revolutionary camera. I find the AF speed to be just fine. But I just use the small center square to autofocus.

Dimitri Khoz wrote:

By ( )profesorromek( )
from Chicago, IL

I was amazed by this little camera.

Initially i was expecting to be just a regular point and shoot camera, but it turn out that it was actually better than my Canon 50D + 24-70mm L F4 (I'm not even mentioning the size difference). Low light performance (without a flash) is just outstanding , i can say outpacing my Canon 50D. The lens is very good and give you enough coverage for almost anything (FYI- F2.8).

I was reluctant to spend that much money on a point and shoot (you can actually buy Canon rebel T2i with that price), but i can tell you its worth every penny.
The biggest reason? - THE SIZE OF THE CAMERA.

You can take this with you on vacation or anywhere else, shoot great pro DSLR quality photos, and yet it can fit in your pocket.

So, buy this!, enjoy vacation without carrying DSRL bag and camera + lens on your neck. FYI. My friend have Sony NEX (which supposed to be compact DSLR), and after seeing G1X, he is selling SONY and buying G1X...now that is something....

By ( )John( )
from Dallas, TX

I bought this camera to pull out when I didn't feel like loading up my EOS 1DS Mk iii with the right lens. I am shocked at how close it comes to the image quality of $10,000 worth of EOS and lens. It is so close, that I have stopped after I made a test shot with the Powershot.

It is probably the best compact camera in history for non-moving subjects. Incredible image quality. Good dynamic range, auto bracketing, full manual mode, operates similar to EOS. Uses EOS flash accessories. Shoots raw.
I don't use JPG or vidoe so can't comment.

The built-in flash is adequate for outdoor fill flash so long as you cut it back a stop or so.

This is an expensive camera for many and has limitations (not fast enough for sports or kids) but it is my favorite causal camera ever.

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