Changing Megapixel Output

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Re: Changing Megapixel Output

Thank you for your reply! I appreciate it. I am one of those whose priority is definitely image quality over high pixel count. So, when reading the reviews of the D800, like on DxOMark who reviewed the sensor, I want to know how well it will render the image. And, the D800 is on my radar because full-frame cameras offer the widest array of lenses, and the highest level of technology. The D800 will be for my "serious photography." My Olympus E-PL1/Lumix 20mm Prime will be my grab-and-go camera.

I am unlikely to use even the (M) setting of 20MP unless I knew I had a great image in front of me and wanted to make sure I had the highest MP image in case it were to be published or were to appear in a gallery. (Hope springs eternal!) So, I wanted to know how the change of setting works technically. It would be nice if pixel binning, as you helpfully described, were to be used, but what can you do?

I had a light bulb moment since I wrote my post. On the E-PL1, I shoot RAW+JPEG. And the RAW files there are full sensor MP. So, that would be the case with the D800. too, right?

Thank you again!

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