D4 or D800....pick one

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Re: D4 or D800....pick one

I picked the D4, got it Friday and was so giddy I didn't sleep a wink I took high iso pics of completely boring things

I can see the value of 36MP in some situations, but it's not a convincing enough factor - for me - to go with the D800 instead (although I was pondering getting 2 D800s for a while) I'm hoping there'll be a D4x as I don't like non-pro bodies, even with battery grip it's not the same. I'm loving controlling it with my iPad (3), comes in handy in a few situations like avoiding swinging from the chandelier or crawling around on the floor

Thinking of things to mount the camera to while I casually do all the setting on the iPad If there aren't rumors of a D4x soon I may order a D800E though. I'm intrigued by the AA-filter being disabled/circumvented/whatever it is they do exactly. Since my 3 bodies all have one, it might be fun to get a camera like the D800E.

I'm sure the D800 is great, I just can't get myself to get a non-flagship. Same with Canon, have the 1D4 and 1Ds3. I'd started with the 5D Mark I in 2006, got battery grips for it...still no comparison to the flagship in handling, ruggedness, quality and looks (call me vain but I do like a good looking camera!).

This is my first Nikon flagship and there are a few things about it that are more practical than on the Canons, but overall I'm happy to be in both camps.

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