5D3 Pattern Noise Improvement and High ISO Cooking

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Re: Well, that was quick... ;-)

bclaff wrote:

David Hull wrote:

Is there any way you can quantify the 5DII to 5DIII improvement in terms of EV or dB or something like that?

Not with this type of visual analysis. Possibly by digging deeper. (I'm looking into it.)

Also, I don't really understand the significance of the "cooking". I expect all manufacturers do whatever makes sense whether through HW or SW to optimize their system performance.

Some people, for example astrophotographers, would prefer no raw data manipulation whatsoever. And in some cases there is a fine line between what is done in the hardware and what is done by the firmware.

There are quite a few people who think that Canon does not manipulate their raw data in any way and that Nikon thoroughly "cooks" their data. Clearly they both do some manipulation to achieve their respective design goals. I hope that someday people will be less polarized about this topic. I do my best to be even-handed and consistent in my terminology regardless of camera brand.

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You are doing great work, keep it up. The cameras are what they are and there is not much that can be done about that other than selecting the best solution for a given purpose. The more we understand, the better we will be at applying which ever brand we decide on. It was an honest question on my part – I would not be surprised if all manufacturers “twiddled” things a bit here and there. I was just wondering what the harm was, if any. I guess “RAW”, by definition should be “twiddled” as little as possible.

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