Fourth year Bald? or something else? Eagle ID please?

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Re: Fourth year Bald? or something else? Eagle ID please?

Kris in CT wrote:

Thanks for your responses. It missed the fish Now that I am taking a crash course in RAW, I have tried to salvage a photo from a little later in the day. It landed in a tree but it was at least 400 feet away. The sun had set, but I managed this which is even crappier but I didn't have my monopod with me. So 500mm 1/250th second not really idea. But maybe it will help with the ID. It is a really large bird and makes the hawks and ospreys in the area look like sparrows....

I don't think there is any doubt it is a Bald Eagle. There is also no doubt it is not an adult. As I said earlier, my best guess is third year. In your last shot the chest does not have enough white to be a second year bird, and too much to be a fourth year. I would say the head and under wings point to the same conclusion.

I believe this is a second year bird:

I believe this is a third year bird

Fourth year bird:

John Riegsecker

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