Help, I am having nightmares ...

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Re: Help, I am having nightmares ...

Detail Man wrote:

... about white humming pyramidal orbs with strangely placed strap-lugs siphoning our $$$ ! ...

Do you recall Penzias and Wilson of Bell Labs in the 1960’s fretting over the background noise that was coming from their radio telescope no matter what direction they pointed it to in the sky? At one point they actually thought it might be pigeon poop contaminating the signal. Well it turned out the noise was nothing less than the cosmic microwave background radiation emanating from the remnants of the Big Bang. A Nobel prize was awarded for their accidental discovery.

Perhaps this annoying hum is really a background sound emanating from the universe.

Take your beloved GH2 and press it firmly to your ear. It too has this universal hum. Armed with this new insight let that sound lull you into a deep meditative sleep.

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