D800 as a vacation cam?

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Re: D800 as a vacation cam?

Sport events like kids soccer, yes, absolutely!!! use the D800 and some fast zoom lenses

Vacations and city trips for what purpose? To be with family or is part of your hobby to take pictures? Photography is a passion and a hobby for me, but when I am on "vacation" I usually want a small pocket camera.

Going to yellowstone or yosemite? take the d800. Maybe take a pocket camera too for someone else to snap some photos and have fun.

Going to disneyland? pocket camera only

It all depends where you are going.

Starred wrote:

Would you recommend such a D800/fastzoom combo for one who primarily shoots foto's during citytrips, vacations, sportevents (kids soccer) etc? Or is it overkill and not very convenient (too large, too heavy) at all?

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