D800 as a vacation cam?

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Re: D800 as a vacation cam?

I have had my D800 since March 22nd.

It is a bunch of crap that you need the best lens, any lens will look better with more megapixels because there is just so much more detail and the DR with the D800 is amazing. Yes to get the absolute max out of the D800 you will need the best lens.

Most people with most photographs do not need the maximum quality the D800 can produce.

If you get sharp photos with your present camera you should be able to get sharp photos with the D800. Yes you might have to increase your shutter speed to two times the focal length of the lens or 1 1/2 time the focal length instead of the old rule of shutter speed matching the focal length.

There has been so much miss information out since the camera was introduce that has been posted by people who have not even used the D800.

Once these people actually use the D800 their opinions will probably be different including the high ISO where it surpasses my D3 at 6400.

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