Not Huge on Legacy Glass

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Ulfric M Douglas Veteran Member • Posts: 4,744
Manual focus skill

Absolutely right ;

fermy wrote:

To me, there is a huge difference in functionality. For example, I have no problems shooting non-static scenes with MF lenses. However, doing the same with focus by wire MF is impossible to me.

Focus-by-wire cannot by its very nature be handled properly using "muscle memory", as the focus ring does not correspond in position to a focus point in the scene.

Old manual focus lenses (once learned and practiced) can be focused very quickly to the general focus point without using visual feedback, then precisely focused using the visual feedback. It can be very quick, in a way focus-by-wire lenses can never be operated.

This all requires some level of innate competence, plus practice practice practice. It becomes a skill : not a very modern approach it seems.

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