D800 shadow pushing

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Re: D800 ISO 51,200 or thereabouts

Danlo wrote:

Horshack wrote:

I'm seeing small amounts of banding in High ISO, a bit below D3/D3s levels;

OH NO! I just absolutely f*cking hate banding.. it destroys almost every image that needs a "shadow-lift".. all shots taken in strong sunlight that is.. F*ck! I had almost decided on the D800.. But shadow banding is a NO NO for me after over 4 years with the D3-banding.. its horrible.. And the worst thing is, I got the D5000 as a small backup, and it has absolutely ZERO banding, gives me better image-quality for pro-retouching then my D3.. and thats really a scam..

The intensity is pretty light and could probably be removed with Dfine without too much trouble. The only three cameras/sensors I've personally used that have zero banding are the D5000, A900, and the S90.

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