Nobody read the AP review of the EM5 ?

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Nobody read the AP review of the EM5 ?

The Amateur Photography review of the E-M5 is out. I didn't get a chance to read my (snail) mail yesterday so I'm only noticing it now. Apologies if this has been posted already.

Interesting. It gets an 85% and they do like it.

No comment on who makes the sensor, but while we're patiently waiting for those people who already have to camera to do some decent side by side comparisons, I noted that they thought its main competitor was the G3 (EM5 wins on build quality and style, albeit at a financial cost, no mention of any other advantage)

Also, on DR:

(comment on general limited 4/3 DR compared to competition, then) "We do not have the official figures * for the E-M5, but looking over my images, there is no reason to suspect that its any better than its peers"

And on Noise:
(bla bla bla) .. "matches the Panasonic G3 ..."

(bla bla bla) .." For images taken in low light, our resolution charts indicate ..despite smaller pixels... E-M5 is as capable as other Olympus Models in terms of saturation, DR and noise, however its not any better"

There is more detail of course in the review, but that's why you need to rush out and buy this weeks copy

Thought I'd post this for those people still hovering on the fence if the IQ is all you're interested in.

Although perhaps you'd better hover a little longer and wait for the DxO scores, as that that's what they tend to use and what the * was in my text


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