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Simple More MP = More Detail = Better ISO

No comparision necessary , its very simple D800 equals more MP equals better IQ which in turn equals more detail which translates to better ISO performance.

It stands to reason that the more image detail a camera can capture the better its ISO performance will be.

Lets face it Nikon is the leader in ISO performance , the 5D Mark III is Canon's effort in an attempt to catch up with Nikon's high ISO performance SLR's.

After all its all about MP , this is what sells cameras anyway.

From a marketing stand point Canon blew it this time around.

The 5D Mark III will not be a big seller especially with its high price in this economy.

Why buy the 5D Mark III when you could get more MP and better IQ and better ISO performance the D800 for less money ?

Just look at all the negitive press Canon is receiving about the 5D Mark III.

For Canon to continue to be a contender and a leader in the SLR full frame market it should of released a much higher MP full frame camera.

Sorry folks but 22 MP at $ 3500.00 just does not cut it.

The technology for more MP is there , we are basically at a point where a full frame camera can now have as many MP as a medium format camera that is now mostly used for studio work.

Canon listen to your consumer base , the next full frame camera should have 36 plus MP , higher ISO capabilities , GPS , instant focus and great IQ all at a lower price

Vino Vino 06

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