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Re: Correct, everything going to the Cloud....

I feel that there are two very separate subjects being discussed here, aside of dispelling the demise of the forum I am thinking that there is the producing of an image on paper, and the actual purpose to which that image is put.

I did film and did the entire thing myself, tho I never did get into colour. The smells and the excitement of the process, mixing chemicals, dishes safe was a whole lot of fun. It was grand handling the papers, the tactile side was a big part of things. Hence when I got to have my two new pictures made we spent some time going through the possible media, the smell, feel and sound the paper made when handled was as important as the surface texture, feel and intuition were the drivers for my choice. The feel of the paper is so important that it is now part of the pleasure that I get from looking at them on the wall. I can remember the smell and 'feel'

Having spent a few dollars on the frame material, after all a good frame and appropriate matte are VERY important. I do not make so many pictures that I am driven to print, though having said that, practice may bring a fella along in his skills so more would be better!! Having megabucks tied up in frames that spend just short weeks on the wall each year is not real practical for me though it is an idea that has some merit.

I was thinking on a book made by a House that is capable of using GOOD paper, and binding as an investment or something to be passed along for the 200years that we are told that the inks and paper will last!!What worries me is that my kids, young adults have fulfilled my hopes and are doing far better than I did at their age . However, their images are ALL on social media, low grade, mass, instant, and disposable. I love my iPhone, Mac Book Pro and Tablet but I still crave QUALITY.

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