NEX-5N 21mm lens advice needed

Started Mar 31, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: NEX-5N 21mm lens advice needed

Hi Gary H - looks like your experience with the ZM echo what some report says - that it is not suitable for NEX-5N. Looks like I have to drop the ZM and consider the other one - the CV. Thank you.

Hi mu55 - how does the CV21 perform on the NEX-5N in real life? Initially, I wasn't looking at the CV because I never had a Zeiss before and just thought of going for one As for the ZM21f4.5, the price is quite close to the 2.8 (tough decision) and speed is lower than the CV (so even tougher decision). Any thoughts to share?

Hi john-photoguy - you tried both f2.8 and f4.5 and they are not useable? Can you share a little more by what you meant? The Zeiss is pricey and I can't afford a "mistake". Thank you.

Hi jazzroy1972 & PontusB - thanks for the suggestions.I have the OM24f2.8 and its nice but it a bit long with the adapter since it is an SLR lens. That's why I am looking at an RF lens.

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